An evaluation of influenza, pneumococcal and herpes zoster vaccination coverage in Australian aged care residents, 2018 to 2022

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Background: For older persons, vaccination mitigates the harmful impact of vaccine preventable infections. Our study objectives were to evaluate in the Victorian public sector residential aged care services (PSRACS) (1) the existence of local vaccination policies and admission assessment practices, (2) the current documented status of resident influenza, pneumococcal and herpes zoster vaccination uptake and (3) changes in documented resident vaccination uptake over time. Methods: Standardised data were annually reported by all PSRACS between 2018 and 2022. The influenza, pneumococcal and herpes zoster vaccination status of each resident was classified as vaccinated, declined, contraindicated or unknown. Annual trends in vaccination status were assessed using Spearman's correlation. Results: In 2022, most PSRACS reported an influenza immunisation policy existed (87.1%) and new residents were assessed for their influenza vaccination status (97.2%); fewer PSRACS reported the same for pneumococcal disease (73.1% and 78.9%) and herpes zoster (69.3% and 75.6%). The median resident influenza, pneumococcal and herpes zoster (70–79 years old) vaccination uptake was 86.8%, 32.8% and 19.3% respectively. The median unknown status was 6.9%, 63.0% and 76.0% respectively. Statistical evidence of an increase in annual uptake was observed for the herpes zoster (all resident) surveillance module (rs = 0.900, p = 0.037). Conclusions: Our study showed local influenza vaccination policies and practices exist and influenza vaccination uptake was consistently high. Pneumococcal and herpes zoster vaccination uptake were lower. Quality improvement strategies that at least determine the status of those residents classified as unknown are required.

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  • Herpes zoster
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