An International First: Stakeholder Consensus Statement for Food Allergen Management in Packaged Foods and Food Service for Australia and New Zealand

Ingrid Roche, Sandra L. Vale, Catherine J. Hornung, Giovanni A. Zurzolo, Merryn J. Netting, Shyamali C. Dharmage, Caroline Gray, Nanju A. Lee, Jasmine Lacis-Lee, Penelope F. Jorgensen, Jill Smith, Wendy Freeman, Kirsten P. Perrett, Sally Voukelatos, Vicki L. McWilliam, Kirsten Grinter, Jennifer J. Koplin, Maria Said, Dianne E. Campbell

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Food-allergic consumers encounter inadequate, confusing, and ambiguous allergen information for packaged and unpackaged foods. Key Australian and New Zealand allergy organizations convened multiple forums to facilitate discussions among consumers, food manufacturers, food retailers, regulatory bodies, researchers, and health professionals to develop a unified approach to improving food allergen management. The following stakeholder consensus statement provides a foundation for advocacy for improved food allergen management and safety. It is the responsibility of consumers to: 1. declare their food allergies and read food labels (including ingredient lists and allergen declaration statements), and 2. ultimately make their own judgment about the foods they choose to consume. We consider that to enable consumers to make informed decisions about their safety, It is the responsibility of packaged food manufacturers to: 1. follow robust allergen management practices including quantitative risk assessment, and 2. use clear, consistent labeling to inform consumers about that food's allergen content, including the possible presence of unintended allergens. It is the responsibility of food service establishments and providers to: 1. follow robust allergen management practices, and 2. ensure that staff understand and can inform consumers about the allergen content of the food they provide, including the possible presence of unintended allergens.

Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 2022

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