Capacity for the management of kidney failure in the International Society of Nephrology North and East Asia region: report from the 2023 ISN Global Kidney Health Atlas (ISN-GKHA)

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Globally, there remain significant disparities in the capacity and quality of kidney care, as evidenced by the third edition of the International Society of Nephrology Global Kidney Health Atlas (ISN-GKHA). In the ISN North and East Asia region, the chronic kidney disease (CKD) burden varied widely; Taiwan had the heaviest burden of treated kidney failure (3679 per million population [pmp]) followed by Japan and South Korea. Except in Hong Kong, hemodialysis (HD) was the main dialysis modality for all other countries in the region and was much higher than the global median prevalence. Kidney transplantation services were generally available in the region, but the prevalence was much lower than that of dialysis. Most countries had public funding for kidney replacement therapy (KRT). The median prevalence of nephrologists was 28.7 pmp, higher than that of any other ISN region, with variation across countries. Home HD was available in only 17% of the countries, whereas conservative kidney management was available in 50%. All countries had official registries for dialysis and transplantation; however, only China and Japan had CKD registries. Advocacy groups for CKD, kidney failure, and KRT were uncommon throughout the region. Overall, all countries in the region had capacity for KRT, albeit with some shortages in their kidney care workforce. These data are useful for stakeholders to address gaps in kidney care and to reduce workforce shortages through increased use of multidisciplinary teams and telemedicine, policy changes to promote prevention and treatment of kidney failure, and increased advocacy for kidney disease in the region.

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