Effect of an antenatal diet and lifestyle intervention and maternal BMI on cord blood DNA methylation in infants of overweight and obese women: The LIMIT Randomised Controlled Trial

Jennie Louise, Andrea R. Deussen, Berthold Koletzko, Julie Owens, Richard Saffery, Jodie M. Dodd

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Background To investigate the effect of an antenatal diet and lifestyle intervention, and maternal pre-pregnancy overweight or obesity, on infant cord blood DNA methylation. Methods We measured DNA methylation in 645 cord blood samples from participants in the LIMIT study (an antenatal diet and lifestyle intervention for women with early pregnancy BMI ≥25.0 kg/m2) using the Illumina 450K BeadChip array, and tested for any differential methylation related to the intervention, and to maternal early pregnancy BMI. We also analysed differential methylation in relation to selected candidate genes. Results No CpG sites were significantly differentially methylated in relation to either the diet and lifestyle intervention, or with maternal early pregnancy BMI. There was no significant differential methylation in any of the selected genes related to the intervention, or to maternal BMI. Conclusion We found no evidence of an effect of either antenatal diet and lifestyle, or of maternal early pregnancy BMI, on cord blood DNA methylation.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere0269723
JournalPloS one
Issue number6 June
Publication statusPublished or Issued - Jun 2022
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