Efficacy and safety of statins in ethnic differences: A lesson for application in Indigenous Australian patient care

Lemlem G. Gebremichael, Vijayaprakash Suppiah, Michael D. Wiese, Lorraine Mackenzie, Craig Phillips, Desmond B. Williams, Michael S. Roberts

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Although statins are effective in treating high cholesterol, adverse effects do occur with their use. Efficacy and tolerability vary among statins in different ethnic groups. Indigenous Australians have a high risk for cardiovascular and kidney diseases. Prescribing statins to Indigenous Australians with multi-morbidity requires different strategies to increase efficacy and reduce their toxicity. Previous studies have reported that Indigenous Australians are more susceptible to severe statin-induced myopathies. However, there is a lack of evidence in the underlying genetic factors in this population. This review aims to identify: inter-ethnic differences in the efficacy and safety of statins; major contributing factors accounting for any identified differences; and provide an overview of statin-induced adverse effects in Indigenous Australians.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)553-571
Number of pages19
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished or Issued - Jun 2021


  • Indigenous
  • ethnic groups
  • pharmacogenetics
  • safety
  • statin

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