Inferior early posttransplant outcomes for recipients of right versus left deceased donor kidneys: An ANZDATA registry analysis

H. Vacher-Coponat, S. McDonald, P. Clayton, A. Loundou, R. D.M. Allen, S. J. Chadban

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Anatomical differences between right and left kidneys could influence transplant outcome. We compared graft function and survival for left and right kidney recipients transplanted from the same deceased organ donor. Adult recipients of 4900 single kidneys procured from 2450 heart beating deceased donors in Australia and New Zealand from 1995 to 2009 were included in a paired analysis. Right kidneys were associated with more delayed graft function (DGF) (25 vs. 21% for left kidneys, p < 0.001) and, if not affected by DGF, a slower fall in serum creatinine. One-year graft survival was lower for right kidneys (89.1 vs. 91.1% for left kidneys, p = 0.001), primarily attributed to surgical complications (66 versus 35 failures for left kidneys). Beyond the first posttransplant year, kidney side was not associated with eGFR, graft or patient survival. Receipt of a right kidney is a risk factor for inferior outcomes in the first year after transplantation. A higher incidence of surgical complications suggests the shorter right renal vein may be contributory. The higher susceptibility of right kidneys to injury should be considered in organ allocation. Recipients of right-sided, deceased donor kidneys incur higher risks of delayed graft function and early graft loss as compared to left-sided kidney recipients, which may have implications for organ allocation.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)399-405
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JournalAmerican Journal of Transplantation
Issue number2
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  • Allograft survival
  • deceaseddonor kidneys
  • delayed graft function
  • kidney donation surgery
  • surgical complications

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