Oral conditions and their social impact among HIV dental patients, 18 years on

S. A. Liberali, E. A. Coates, A. D. Freeman, R. M. Logan, L. Jamieson, Gloria Mejia Delgado

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    Background: A study undertaken in 1992-1993 identified that HIV-infected dental patients were substantially disadvantaged with regard to the social impact of their oral disease. The oral pain experienced by HIV-positive patients prior to the introduction of combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) was attributable to specific features of HIV-related periodontal disease and other oral manifestations of HIV such as candida infections and xerostomia. A repeat of this study in 2009-2010 provided additional information in the post-cART era. Methods: Data were collected from three sources: the 2009-2010 HIV-positive sample, the National Survey of Adult Oral Health (NSAOH) and the original 1992-1993 study. Collation of data was by clinical and radiographic oral examination. Information about the social impact of oral conditions was obtained from the Oral Health Impact Profile. Results: The caries experience of the 2009-2010 HIV-positive sample was improved with statistical significance for both mean DMFT and mean DT, while the presence of HIV-related periodontal disease still occurs. Statistically significant improvements were achieved for prevalence and severity of oral health related quality of life. Conclusions: The need for timely access to oral health care with a focus on prevention is essential for HIV-positive individuals whose health is impacted by chronic disease, smoking and salivary hypofunction.

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