Stroke clinical coding education program in Australia and New Zealand

on behalf of the Australia and New Zealand Stroke Coding Working Group

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Background: Accurate coded diagnostic data are important for epidemiological research of stroke. Objective: To develop, implement and evaluate an online education program for improving clinical coding of stroke. Method: The Australia and New Zealand Stroke Coding Working Group co-developed an education program comprising eight modules: rationale for coding of stroke; understanding stroke; management of stroke; national coding standards; coding trees; good clinical documentation; coding practices; and scenarios. Clinical coders and health information managers participated in the 90-minute education program. Pre- and post-education surveys were administered to assess knowledge of stroke and coding, and to obtain feedback. Descriptive analyses were used for quantitative data, inductive thematic analysis for open-text responses, with all results triangulated. Results: Of 615 participants, 404 (66%) completed both pre- and post-education assessments. Respondents had improved knowledge for 9/12 questions (p < 0.05), including knowledge of applicable coding standards, coding of intracerebral haemorrhage and the actions to take when coding stroke (all p < 0.001). Majority of respondents agreed that information was pitched at an appropriate level; education materials were well organised; presenters had adequate knowledge; and that they would recommend the session to colleagues. In qualitative evaluations, the education program was beneficial for newly trained clinical coders, or as a knowledge refresher, and respondents valued clinical information from a stroke neurologist. Conclusion: Our education program was associated with increased knowledge for clinical coding of stroke. To continue to address the quality of coded stroke data through improved stroke documentation, the next stage will be to adapt the educational program for clinicians.

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